Tourism marketing. How to build success digital marketing campaign?

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It’s no secret that in order to succeed in tourism marketing, it is necessary to determine with a niche. Since tourism covers many subjects that have a share in this business. These are catering establishments, hospitality, various entertainments, tour operators, air carriers, car rentals, yacht rentals and so on.

There are several reasons why tourists choose this destination: history, nature, women, investment / business. It is best when it all works in a complex when all of these parameters are in the location.

Better yet, when there are some events, concerts. For example, parties in Ibiza, which are popular all over the world.


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Tourism Marketing Strategy

First, you need to create a long-term marketing strategy and get around with the goals of the campaign. Your goal is to attract more customers for your local business in a tourist location.


  • Know your target audience. For example: you are the owner of a small hotel in Croatia, in the city of Pula. According to statistics, Germans and Italians go here. The best option for you would be to make a site in Italian and German. But this can not afford not all. Therefore, it’s better to make targeting ads for Italy and Germany to people who speak English at these regions.


  • It is also necessary to determine the interests of the audience and age. Take for example Spain. Namely Ibiza and Marbella. The average age for Ibiza will be significantly lower than for Marbella travelers. Marbella is visited by elderly, wealthy people, because Ibiza is visiting the youth for a nightlife.
  • Instagram as a driving force for tourism marketing. Instagram has one of the highest CTRs in the tourist industry. There are also many publics where you can place ads. But remember one thing, you can buy advertising, you can use influencer marketing, viral marketing – if you don’t have good content, you just lose your money. Content is the KING.


  • Take into account the specific interests, preferences of tourists. It was a long time ago when the tourists were divided into those who love nightlife and those who come with family. Today there are other niches for tourism, lifestyle niches: hiking, yoga, meditation, fitness tourism, cliff jumping, serfing, kitesurfing and so on. Include it.


  • You must develop a tourism marketing strategy in accordance with the location and target audience. Changing even one minor parameter will result in unexplained consequences. Plan everything: purchase of advertising, content creation, influencers. As practice shows, the greatest result brings content with beautiful people and beautiful locations. It has to overcome the blue color, because it has a greater engagement of the audience with content by 30%.

Why contact travel marketing agency?

If you have the resources and time to make a marketing department, then this is for you. But do not forget that you need to develop models that will be relevant for your subjects. It’s take time. If not, then trust the professionals who add value to your business.


Conclusion: Content is the KING

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