Sportsbook writer

Today’s betting market dictates new conditions — sportswriters without additional knowledge in statistics lose the competition, and the company doesn’t get enough profit. I started to write after experience in professional betting, where estimate probabilities for sports events. With this background, our team knows how to attract new players and return them via relevant sports betting content. We make models for different games and exactly understand how each game factor influence the match.

       For newbies, we described betting strategies like surebets and polish middles. This is the general definition for newcomers, which is suitable for all sports with the right bookie’s odds — example for arbitrage betting articles you can see here.

       We also create content for a wide range of popular sports like football, cricket, basketball, and others. We made successful prediction models for almost all of it, and it isn’t hard for us to make topics about the forecast. For example, football is the most popular sport in the world. We create an article about home advantage and how to include it in the betting strategy. The topic is here.

       Our team can create articles for the betting on any subject using bookies odds, game info, and math side from choosing sport.

       Also, we produced content in any language: English, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and not only. All articles are SEO-friendly. Our services are the fittest for gambling lead generation companies, but we can also work directly with bookmakers.

Sports content writer


       As we described earlier, the usual sports writer should have such skills as statistical modeling and analytics. Without it, the affiliate company can’t make enough numbers of conversions, so you need to write quality topics, which will encourage players to bet. Your company can do this only with high skilled writers like our team.