Theme of the instagram: professional betting

We used a personalized instagram account for site traffic. To do this, we made lifestyle content that includes: fitness, fashion, travel niches.

Site portfolio here

Instagram link: andrew_robak

Also, some betting content was used, about 20%. After analyzing a lot of instagram accounts for finance and betting, we came to the conclusion that there are too many digits, the content that simply does not meet the requirements of community tools. So we decided to show more lifestyles and then deeper betting content.

All content ideas came up with and implemented themselves, since copied content would not yield such results.
We did not just promote the bookmaker or casino, as usual, but provided information and services for professional betting.

Therefore, the result met all our expectations, many people began to wonder how you can earn from the bet. We have attracted about 90 potential investors. There were a lot more applications in the directory, unfortunately not everyone understood the principles of professional betting.

If you are interested in betting / gambling game marketing, please contact us. We will find appropriate solutions to improve your business.


We show results about used hashtags at photos. Some hashtags had a lot of other posts. Even for such high competitor situation, we get top position at instagram hashtag search.