Marketing strategy like betting models

The most important step in building a successful marketing campaign is marketing strategy. Most people find it difficult to understand exactly how to build a marketing strategy and make it successful. With our betting background, this will not be difficult to do, since we are able to build mathematical models that explain the random hypothesis. The same process exists in marketing models.

Therefore, it was decided to put marketing on the mathematical background. With the right selection of options for your model, you can always get your ROI at the right level. Parameters can be set, most importantly identify those that significantly affect at the end result.

When you combine different types of marketing – will have different results. Factors that have a significant effect on the results:

  • kind of marketing
  • type of content
  • budget
  • distribution channels

It is also necessary to divide the “type of content” into several other parameters. It can be model/actor at the video, music, video idea and so on. Remember that the content is King. So, put 80% effort into the content – the rest on other parameters.

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