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Why lifestyle marketing increase sales?

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Lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a concept of engagement with buyers, built on an analysis of their lifestyle. The main task of marketing lifestyle is to shape the consumer’s lifestyle. It also creates the need for such a way of life. The main task of the marketing lifestyle is to explore the lifestyle of the social group and the curriculum to create a sustainable lifestyle brand. Create a style of life that your customers seek.

Customers will buy the brand, not a product that reflects their values ​​and expectations. Therefore, the lifestyle brand reflects the vision you are trying to present to customers. Businesses need to pay attention especially to the promotion of the brand, association. Since the brand is what the consumer represents. And what information you submit to marketing, and consumers will take you.

“Burton – lifestyle brand represents the ideals of your customers, so try to meet the expectations of your clients”

It’s not easy to do a successful lifestyle marketing, but it’s worth it.. We can watch the success of the snowboard brand “Burton”. This is the most famous and one of the first snowboard manufacturers. It can be argued that this is a life style brand. The brand is formed around a community that takes such a lifestyle as extreme, snowboarding, mountains. And this is not just a winter vacation, “Burton” satisfies the interests of the freeriders community. Most models of this brand are intended for off-road riding, for freeride. If you look at their collections for each season, then 80% of the snowboards are designed specifically for this style. Therefore, when constructing a successful lifestyle brand, it is necessary to take into account the specific interests of the audience. The better you understand the needs of the community, the more confidence your customers have in your brand.

Lifestyle Marketing Strategy

No one can provide a clear model for a successful lifestyle marketing strategy, but with these steps you will begin to understand the concept:

  • Define a target market for demographics and psychographics. What lifestyle you would sell?
  • To know more about the target audience: what channels of communication are used. If you are the owner of a fashion brand, then your audience is presented at instagram and pinterest. If you sell wood saws – use facebook.
  • Add a lifestyle to your brand image
  • Positioning your brand. The storytelling of your brand and brand voice. Remember, brand is what the consumer imagines. It’s you who shape the image of your brand in the eyes of the client.
  • Build a community around your brand. Burton formed his community of freeriders. You may also create a brand that will reflect the specific interests of the community.

Lifestyle Marketing Examples

There are many well-known examples, but we’ll focus on the «Red Bull». The production of energy drinks, which connected brand with extreme and sports. The main message of the brand: «With Red Bull you can go beyond your capabilities.» This marketing lifestyle has been successful because it accurately reflects the interests and values ​​of the community. Well, the energy drink is created in order to restore strength and energy. These factors have played a crucial role in the success of the brand.

Also, Red Bull uses famous extreme athletes to promote their brand. So if you jump with a parachute, freerider, etc, then Red Bull is coming. Red Bull was not just a lifestyle brand, he identifies himself with a whole culture.


Today, competition for consumer attention is too large, companies always create new marketing campaigns. To stand out and take a place on the market, you need to create a lifestyle brand. It does not matter which niche you work for, lifestyle marketing is so wide that it will cover even the smallest niches.


Lifestyles marketing is a long-term investment, but it pays off and definitely worth your attention.

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