The impact of influencer marketing on business

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a way of promoting with the help of opinion leaders. As a rule, the Influencer can be a blogger, brand, group that unites people around him and people trust him.

What is the difference between marketing and advertising? Influencer marketing is very difficult to recognize advertising, in contrast to traditional marketing, such as targeting. Everything looks like a hidden advertisement, a blogger simply tells subscribers what the user is using himself, or the places he visits and so on.

Advantages to work with Influencers:

  • 92% of buyers believe the recommendations of other people, even if they are not familiar with them personally
  • Also for those who use Influencer marketing is not a terrible adblock. According to statistics, 26% of desktop users and 15% of mobile consumers use adblock.

If in your plans are using this type of marketing, then choose services that will determine the level of interaction with the influencer.

Choose an Influencer according to the subject. If you are promoting tourism, then we do not think that a blogger who has subscribers who are interested in sports betting, if he has an audience with related interests, will work for you.

How Does Influencer Marketing Work?

  • Sponsorship posts in blogs
  • Seized branded content in social networks
  • Content creation by bloggers themselves

Economics of Influencer Marketing

For every the dollar spent, influencer marketing brings brands:

  • Retail + $ 10.48
  • Tourism + $ 7.04

The worst results were in home and garden products: $ 0.64 for every $ 1 spent.

On average, influencers marketing industry brings $ 6.85 for each dollar spent.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Why does instagram be the ideal place for Influencer marketing? Due to its simple interface and the high level of engagement of brand users, the instagram are the driving force behind your business. It is here that there are a large number of influencers in various subjects that will help in the development of any business.

Avarage engagement rate is 3.21%. Compared to 1.5% across all social networks.

How much does cost Instagram Influencer Marketing?

On average, with 100,000 subscribers, they charge $ 1000 for one post. It also depends on the subject and time of posting. Today, marketers do not pay much attention to the number of subscribers and topics, as to the relevancy, quality of the content and the identity of the blogger. A blogger should meet brand features and principles, then would the best result. Subjects, subscribers are not enough. Everything is much closer than it seems at first glance. Brands should deeply study influencer before work with him. Every sign here has an impact on both the brand and the audience of the influencer.

Problems with Influencer Marketing

You can read a lot about the need to select an influencer according to subject. At first it was like this, but today it is not enough. Now bloggers who have more and more related topics are valued. The audience looks at the subject, as it is on the influencer. Therefore, the more talents will be shown by the influencer from different niches, the better it will be for the audience and for the brand. It’s not right to divide influencers by topics. Famous actors, singers, football players advertise goods and increase sales and brand awareness. In what advertising campaigns did you see David Beckham? It’s right, a lot off. Therefore, influencer marketing should change: people subscribe not to subjects, but to the person himself. Therefore, change the approach when using influencer marketing.

In the near future, we will see how influencers are equated with well-known magazines and media. The media do not essentially divide the topics, and the influencers don’t need to be divided. Therefore, choose the influencer whose personality is closest to the principles of your brand.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

There is nothing complicated here. Simply replace or add to the content distribution influencer marketing. For more information, see our Digital Marketing Strategy article.

Instagram Influencer Agency

At the moment, we are working with a number of influencers at niches such fitness, travel, fashion. But since you read above, we don’t divide the influencers on the topics, and pick them up under the principles of your brand. We select the following parameters as the outward look, beauty, hairstyle, behavior, voice, topics that the blogger reveals and much more.

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