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Digital marketing strategy: basic for marketing campaign

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Why is marketing strategy so important when building a marketing campaign?

Marketing strategy is the basis of your campaign, the basis of which you will all build. Includes various stages. First of all, you need to define the subject of your business and determine your target audience.

In other words, the marketing strategy involves the steps you should take to achieve success.

Where to start?

Each marketing strategy begins with the goal you want to achieve. Based on this you build your marketing campaign. Identify your target audience. This stage is very important, because you have exactly the right to hunt on whom to send your brand voice. For example, you sell “Beats” headphones. If you look at the statistics that are most sold in the world, then this is Asia-Pacific region, about 60%. So here you have more chances to sell than in other regions. It is also necessary to determine demographics, it is known that people in the age of 24-35 years more interested to buy headphones than people over the age of 40. Therefore, determine your target audience.

Identify your brand voice

The voice of a brand is what you bring to your audience. According to statistics, the audience like posts which is honest. This does not mean that you have to make posts in the same style. You can also add humor, motivation, and so on. The main thing is not overdo it.


Branding helps you get out of the competition. Branding is an association with your brand that arises from your customers when it is mentioned.


This is an eternal question: “What exactly to post and which channels of communication to use?”. Focus on your audience. Nobody will tell you anything better, only you can know it when test it.

Content can be any: photo, video, stories, live. Of course, if you are doing something completely new, this content will become viral and you will get stunning results.

Content Distribution

When you create content – the question arises where to promote it. If your activity is: apparel, tourism, catering establishments (when there is something to show), than instagram and pinterest are suitable. If you have more information, use facebook or twitter. Also, don’t forget about SEO and paid media. It can also be effective. It all depends on the subject of your business.

Tip: If your activity like sports media or online casino (gambling) use Twitter.

Monitoring results

The results are influenced by various factors. If you have built a recognizable brand, then you still have to create quality content for support. Before investing at advertisement, analyze your previous campaigns. You will find patterns based on which you will more precisely form your advertising campaign and strategy in general.

What does include digital marketing plan?

  • Content: types of content. It is necessary to form a content plan.
  • Content distribution. Includes communication channels where to distribute content: social networks, websites, influencers. At what time and day to post.
  • Control of results: comparing advertising campaigns and identifying the best. On the basis of them to form the future campaigns.

How to predict the results of a marketing campaign?

In essence, this is a new level of marketing, to form prediction models for marketing campaigns. To create a prediction model, we need to determine parameters. Advertising budget, content, posting time, distribution channel – this is our parameters. Substituting these parameters into the corresponding algorithm, we obtain the results in probabilities. On the basis of which we can expect results from our created marketing model.

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