Content marketing

Content marketing, Influencer marketing, Viral marketing and … We live in an age when traditional marketing goes back. Now, businesses and marketers need to use new types of marketing to be market leaders.

Content marketing is relevant and valuable information related to the company’s activities. In simpler terms, you must create content for the audience that it will be useful for using your product or service. After interacting with your content, if it is valuable and relevant to the customer, there is a high probability of it’s purchase.

Unlike traditional marketing, where customers are urged to simply buy, content marketing creates added value for your product.

Take for example barbecue sellers. In the case of traditional marketing, you would see ads for barbecue and grill, some sort of discount possible. In content marketing: the seller will first tell / show where client can use it, which dishes can prepare, and then there will be a call to action (offer to buy).

Many people do not distinguish between content marketing and viral marketing. Yes, they have common components: the purpose of the two campaigns is the spread of social networks – viral effect.

Unlike content marketing, viral marketing should include potentially viral content that will expand faster than content marketing. Content marketing can be highly specialized, vial marketing – no. There should be mass in marketing. This may be some kind of scandal, prank or similar video to epic fails – it should cause a steady emotion among users.

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