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The affiliate casino market has such a big competition. Every day, companies launch new websites with usual casino bonuses, typical strategies like a martingale. It’s time to create new topics that increase your profits at the online casino market. 

We use experience from professional betting to make accurate predictions for sports and estimate correct odds in casino games. We suggest creating beat the casino topics, explaining how to get advantage at the player’s side. Also, the big thing in the gambling world is the bet size, and the article about Kelly criterion will be suitable.

Let’s see on example below:

How to use Kelly in the slots?

To beat casino, you need to make the right distribution of your bankroll and include it to your strategy. As you know, different slots have their win percentage. In fact, this interest is 53%. And the payout rate for casino minimum is 85% – it is equal to odd 1.85. As you can see, we know values that calculate Kelly: (53×0,85-0,47)/0.85=0.02.

This numeric value means that you can bet 0.02 for each bet from your bankroll. If your bankroll is $1000, then you can bet: $1000×0.02 = $20 per each bet. After every wager, please considering your bankroll. Use casino bonuses, free plays to increases your chances of winning too.

This is only short example, where we didn’t explain detailed Kelly’s formula. We wanted to demonstrate how math easy combined with casino strategies. 

We offer another solution for content creation in the gambling industry:

  • explaining math in the casino: chances, casino odds, win rate;
  • guides with likelihood accordingly to slots, poker, roulette, other table games;
  • bankroll management;
  • benefits of bitcoin casino;
  • roulette betting strategies;
  • casino reviews;
  • compare chances at sports betting and casino.

These aren’t all content ideas – we have much more. Our team produced content in any language: English, Croatian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finish, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and not only. Every article is relevant to SEO requirements.