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Best marketing for hotels

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Нotel and restaurant business is one of the most profitable for investors, and its profitability in countries that are not below 40%, while reaching 100%. The hotel industry is first and foremost a huge amount of competition. Especially popular websites such as Airbnb and Home Away, which can determine the number of challenges that a competitor faces.

So what should you do to help people find your hotel and stay calm? How to make guests want to get back to the hotel again and again and recommend it to all friends, relatives and acquaintances?

In this article, we give you several advices for successful hotel marketing plan.

Good customer reviews about the hotel – at the price of gold

Travelers are seeking where to find the next destination from none other than fellow travelers. They would also rather rely on trusted peer reviews and popularity across digital platforms as an indicator of quality. This must be taken into account when planning a hotel marketing strategy. You need to know your target audience well and know what they want. Connecting with your customer is of the utmost priority. So you can always be ahead of your competitors and improve your marketing strategy. Hotels can improve the customer experience in a number of ways, such as through delivering excellent customer service, offering unique features in hotel rooms and providing a superior range of facilities for guests. By focusing marketing efforts on the experience, hotels can really tap into the reasons people stay in hotels in the first place.

Hotel Brand Trend 2019 – Voice Search

Technology isn’t in place and every day there are more and more gadgets that are designed to make it easier for people to perform some tasks. Many world hotels have already included a voice search for their marketing strategies. For instance, using smart home devices, it is now possible for customers to book hotels entirely through voice commands and hotels should capitalise on this. Also a great advantage will be when in the hotel room, the guest will also be able to use smart gadgets and order any hotel service or get tourist information in a few minutes, even without leaving your room. This approach definitely creates a positive brand image and has a beneficial effect on hotel guests.

Why Do Hotels Need to Be On Social Media?

Digital marketing is intertwined with almost every aspect of daily life – especially the online experience. Social media is perhaps the greatest example of this. Chances are, if you have a satisfied millennial hotel guest, he or she will share their experience over social media. This is positive promotion of your hotel for FREE. Like the blogger below who featured The Kayon Jungle Resort by Pramana

With social media, people will be more likely to get to know your business and they will be able to contact you if they want to come back again. Best practices in digital marketing for hotels dictate that you need to be involved and engaging online as well. Social networking can be an easy way to solve customer issues. Therefore, it is so important to consider this when creating hotel marketing plan.

Your social networks should be such that guests feel at home and they don’t have the feeling that you are selling something to them.

Social media will be your best friend. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter will be the main outlets for your brand, with Facebook and Instagram leading the pack. These are highly visually-focused platforms. After all, 51% of consumers say imagery in a travel ad is what influenced their trip decision.

Talk About Your Loyalty Program

Include in your marketing strategy a loyalty program for guests. It is very attractive people and encourages to book again and again. Choosing a loyalty program depends on your marketing plan and marketing ideas. This can be a discount for regular guests after a stay of 10-20 days in your hotel, special promotions for Valentine’s Day and for newlyweds, a 5% discount for your next stay, a family-type discount, a special offer for excursions and much more.

Marketing idea of one of the hotels Radisson Hotel Group – family room on the grounds of the Universe autobots and decepticons

Radisson Hotel Group on the eve of the premiere of Bumblebee decided to interest their guests by creating an exclusive family room in the style of transformers.

For the young adventure lovers there is an exciting meeting with Bumblebee, one of the most popular and friendly Avtobote.

And this is not all the surprises that have been prepared for children in the Radisson Hotel Group. The hotel has developed a magnificent marketing move, which has increased the coverage of users in social networks and increased the interest of guests to the hotel. Marketers have created an action that allows anyone to enter the world of science fiction, if staying at one of the Radisson hotels, will make a photo in the Bumblebee style and publish it on social networks with hashtag, pointing out the official community account photo. Participating in the competition is a great chance to win a week vacation in the Bumbbley theme room at Radisson Resort.

Marketing plays a crucial role in helping businesses to maximise bookings and revenue. It is the main way in which those in the hotel industry are able to reach out to potential customers, conveying their unique selling proposition and brand values. In the following articles you find more essential marketing strategies to boost your revenue.

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